Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Postcard from Totopolis

I've just time to send this postcard from the fascinating all-encompassing city of Totopolis, created and administered by the Convention whereby all worlds were intergrated into one. I think you can see bailiffs Sherbet Gaol and Russ Wall in a zipper on their way to their next job. The breadth and diversity of Totopolis is so great I won't have trouble finding something interesting to send you from around the next corner.

Luke x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Female Superheroes

I've never been a great fan of superheroes (they didn't hold any particular appeal for me in my childhood for example), but I like the potential in the idea of them to tell big stories with big ideas.

A few years ago I idly thought it would be great to write a story where the world is full of superheroes, but they're all women. What changes would that bring about? I like working on female characters and to my mind it would be a chance to redress the extreme fetishisation of female superheroes in comics to this day with grounded, fleshed-out (and fleshed-in) characters.