Monday, 1 February 2021

Roundup: January 2021

If writing 2020 felt like being in the future, writing 2021 feels like the far future...

I thought it might be nice to initiate a monthly roundup of my online doings for ease of access and so I look busier. January's roundup is probably going to be quite straightforward.

Comics: working on stuff in the background. Shh! Always watch this space for more.

Social media: don't forget to check out my twitter, for general updates, and instagram, for more art.

Youtube: I've surprised myself, but I've posted four episodes of my let's play of The Feeble Files this month. My previous experience with the horrificly unwieldy ninth episode (and the tortuous recording session) has led me to, well, be a better editor of the material. 

And where the gameplay has let me down, I've found ways to condense it and invented business to keep it entertaining (hopefully). I may have gone mad during episode 11 and episode 12 is my favourite to date as it afforded me ample opportunity to expand the commentary through framing and adding visual and audio cues.

And on 31st January, episode 13 went up, which is far more straightforward in structure than the previous two episodes but the material leant itself more naturally to that.

I think the next segment of gameplay's going to be pretty rough, so it might take more than a week to carve out an episode. Thanks to any and all who are watching along.

And I think that's it for January! Let me know if you think of anything I've missed.


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